The body needs it!



Essential fatty acids are fatty acids that humans need to consume to get good health because the body requires them.




Where to get it?



Only found in seeds, leaves and fish!


Omega-3 fatty acids are a common term for a variety of fatty acids that it is important to get from the foods you eat.



Ztrengz is what the body needs, and much more!


Ztrengz comes from Seeds and Leaves!


and gives you the fatty acids in an optimal mix of Omega 3 and 6 from 10 different oils derived from the vegan and organic seeds and leaves and with a unique content of essential nutrients that boosts your entire body.





Does Ztrengz supply EPA and DHA?


An often occurring claim, especially from fish oil manufacturers, is that the conversion of ALA to DHA, which is an essential component of the brain, is low and therefore unsatisfactory. However, studies in the subject nevertheless show that although the transformation is minor, the transformation is nevertheless large enough to be sufficient for the brain to get more than enough in this process.

Fish especially longer-lived species and higher-level predators that consume other fish will normally accumulate heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead that's originated from industrial sources and reached the sea environments in which they feed. These contaminants often end up in the fish oil capsules derived from these fish.


Vegan sources of essential fatty acids are by many considered the optimal source and therefore Ztrengz does not contain any fish oils.



Ztrengz Beauty Oil is a unique cold-pressed vegetable oil consisting of 10 different unique essential oils all with their own special qualities combined together to provide a perfect Omega-3 balance ideal for healthy body, beautiful hair, skin, nails and more.



Argan / Chia / Rosemary / Hemp / Rosehips / Evening Primrose / Cactus / Egyptian Black Caraway / Sesame / Linseeds



The Skin

It can often seem like the skin is only cooperative until we reach the age of 12, after which everything starts to go downhill. As a teenager, we suffer from acne, and as adults, the wrinkles start to come!

There is only a short period in-between, where we experience a carefree period. Nutrients are a part of the solution, including the fatty acids and other nutrients found in all the special and precious "health" oils contained in the mixture of ZTRENGZ OIL.




Please note, this product is not intended for diagnosing, treatment, curing og preventing any disease. The oil is not to be used as a replacement for a balanced diet.