Send your story to us

If you have a story or a film about your experience with Ztreng Beauty Oil, please feel free to send it via MMS to +45 53 77 10 61 or via email:


Record it on your smartphone and tell briefly about your experience with using Ztrengz Beauty Oil, or write it in an email and send it to us.


If the file is too large to send via mms or email, you can upload it to our dropbox:

Click on the link below:

Send your film to our dropbox


The guide will follow in the link above

You don't need to already have a Dropbox-account in order to send a file via this link. 


Please note, we will send you 2 free oils as a thank you if we share your story on the social media and our website, so remember to also send in your name, address and phone number.


Thanks in regards!